This is the (real) life of a copywriter

This is the (real) life of a copywriter

How to find your first client without experience? What is my BEST ADVICE to progress in sales ? How much tax do I pay? How to go from copywriter to trainer? The guest question MYSTERY. All that… These are the questions I was asked a few days ago. Guess what ?

I decided to hook up my camera…

Trainer training

To sit on my sofa…

Then answer everything – without wildcards or filters.

In this video, I have selected 15 questions that I found interesting that will teach you to know more about the business, about selling and about my personal life as a copywriter.

How I found my first real copywriting client?

And what will I do again today?

What were the biggest obstacles to overcome?

Will I get married and have children?

We will answer everything and take our time.

The first question comes to us from Pierrerick: “As a freelance Copywriter, can it be wise to nestle in the e-commerce industry? »

The short answer is YES, and the slightly longer answer is that as long as you can bring something to your client, and you know that you can increase his sales and that he will understand it, that he understands the strength of copywriting and that he understands the strength of hiring you, indeed you can target infopreneurs and then guys in e-commerce.

Second question from Guillaume: “If you had to teach copywriting with just one piece of advice, what would it be?” »

For me, the most important thing to do as a copywriter is simply to understand your prospect. If I were you, to progress in copywriting, the thing I would do directly is understand my market as much as possible.

You have to fully understand their problems, their desire, what they are really going through, what they want to achieve. You really need to immerse yourself in the market. This is how you will not only create the best solutions that will help them the best, but will also make you more money.

And if you’re a freelance copywriter, you immerse yourself in your clients’ market, and you’ll be a hit.

The next question is from Fred: “Despite all these trips, and the possibility of working everywhere, do you still consider having a home? Do you still appreciate having your place at home with your neighborhood, and your friends around? Or for you, your best life is to be able to travel everywhere without ties? It interests me because even if I like financial freedom, geographical freedom does not interest me that much. I like what surrounds me. »

It’s true that when you travel a lot, when you have the chance to do an activity like I can do (copywriter, trainer…), and to have no geographical ties, it can be complicated to have a home -self. By dint of moving, by dint of having new things, we can perhaps question a lot of things, and ultimately ask ourselves where do we really come from.

Personally, that’s not the question I ask myself…

Find out more in this video, where you will learn the real life of a copywriter, his way of thinking and writing, his ups and downs…

It’s made for you if you’ve always wondered about this job, or even if you’re vaguely interested and want to know more about me.

Let’s go !

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