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Marketing Web : un levier de croissance incontournable pour les entreprises

The Web is now part of everyone’s daily life. 6.9 billion queries are made every day on search engines! Therefore, being present and visible on the Web is becoming more and more imperative for companies that wish to survive and continue to grow…

However, various obstacles lead companies to resist change, whether it is a lack of time or human resources, the cost or the complexity of implementation due to a lack of training or support.

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The digital transition represents a major challenge in terms of economic growth, consumers need an easier, faster and more accessible purchasing process. The health crisis was a wake-up call for companies, which are now becoming fully aware of the need to digitize their activities in order to develop.

The challenges of the digital transition for companies

Economic models, professions and consumption habits are changing over the course of the digital transition. To find a product or service, consumers enter their queries on search engines such as Google in order to obtain information about the product or service they intend to purchase, from their personal computer or with just a smart phone.

From the keywords typed by Internet users, search engines present results and depending on the stage of digitalization of the company and its natural referencing strategy, the company will have more or less probability of positioning itself on the first search results page and drive traffic to their website. Because, few are the Internet users who venture beyond the first page of search results.

When a site is visited and if the visits are also qualified as relevant in relation to the content of the site in parallel with the initial purchase intention, the ability to convert Internet users into prospects and then prospects into customers is increased tenfold.

By adapting to new technologies, companies are getting into digital marketing and this online visibility translates into sales, as well as improved knowledge and customer relations.

But some companies fail to adjust to digital changes, which in the long term can significantly slow down their growth in the face of competition and alienate them from consumers.

As explained by Alexis Lhuillier, a specialist in SEO support, Google Ads and website creation: “French SMEs with better skills in digital marketing have better commercial performance than others. There is therefore a cause and effect relationship between marketing know-how and the performance of your business. However, despite all the possibilities promised by the Web (represented by more than 7,000 marketing tools available in 2021), SMEs are not taking advantage of them. “.

Indeed, SMEs and ETIs sometimes lack the time, financial or human resources and know-how in digital marketing to develop effectively on the Web.

To succeed in the company’s digital transition, support is important in order to build skills.

Benefit from personalized support in digital marketing

To strengthen their distribution and communication channels, companies affected by structural difficulties (human, financial, material) need support in order to implement good practices and take advantage of their digitization.

According to ACSEL’s Growth & Digital barometer in 2021, 41% of companies recognize that digital allows them to increase their turnover and 50% believe that digital growth promotes the survival of their commercial activities.

Thus, for companies wishing to accelerate their digital transformation, it is advisable to call on a professional who offers operational support in order to optimize the skills of the teams. Ideally, this expertise has been acquired through customer cases and allows companies to develop relevant know-how to exponentially increase their turnover and market share on the Web with digital marketing tools and effective sales.

SEO support focuses on the identification of keywords to optimize the content of a website vis-à-vis the requests made by the company’s target in order to improve its positioning on Google, the implementation strategies for building domain authority and analyzing long-term SEO performance. SMEs can complete their natural referencing support with SEA support focused on the launch of successful Google Ads campaigns to continue to maximize the website’s conversion rate through increased visibility. As for SMO support, it can be a real asset for companies whose social networks represent a high-potential acquisition channel, such as a restaurant, a clothing store or a music festival, for example.

All these support channels are linked to the need for companies to have a website beforehand. For those who encounter a barrier to creation, digital experts also offer support in the design of an SEO-optimized and efficient website to place the company in the top position on search engines.

Thus, digital marketing is an undeniable growth lever for companies. Because, by missing the wagon of the digital transition, there is a strong risk of staying behind the competition and getting lost.

Digital marketing as a growth factor for SMEs and ETIs

To make themselves known to the general public and/or B2B, SMEs and ETIs can therefore significantly increase their visibility and notoriety thanks to digitalization.

There’s nothing like a search for a product or service that leads directly to a company aligned with the consumer’s purchase intent and values. This saves time for the visitor and for the supplier, because the former quickly finds an answer to his question and the latter simplifies his communication and distribution channel. This contributes to customer satisfaction and better profitability, therefore digital promotes increased turnover.

Thanks to the Web and by adapting to technological changes, companies become more reactive and get to know their customers in depth while making themselves visible to more prospects in a digital world where geographical distances are shrinking. Once mastered, digital marketing allows companies to increase their profits at a lower cost and in the longer term to make it the essential lever of their growth.

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