▷ The only 7 essential bullet points to become rich

▷ The only 7 essential bullet points to become rich

Thing promised, thing due. Here is an article on my 7 favorite bullet point formulas. With this, you will be able to present your offer in an irresistible way, and you will be forced to deactivate Stripe notifications (so much you will sell)…

⚠️ Disclaimer: here you will discover powerful sales formulas, which should not be abused. If you promise your reader that he will earn €10,000 per month within a year, prove it. And make them win for him afterwards. Be sure to stay 100% honest and authentic, otherwise you may regret it. You can go crazy on your bullet points, but never lie.

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1 / The Numbered

Bulletpoint: The only 11 steps needed to write your sales page.

Humans like to see numbers. This reassures him because he knows exactly what to expect:

How to become rich? It looks long and boring. How to become rich in 5 simple steps? I click.

2 / The “How + Result”

Bullet Point : How to have tons of subscribers to your email list ready to jump on all your offers, even if you have no experience.

A timeless classic. You promise the reader a clear method to reach his dream while breaking his blocks. A real sales page in a simple sentence.

3/ The mistake to avoid

Bullet Point: The mistake that 99% of online trainers make, and which reduces their turnover by 50%.

The human is constantly trying to avoid making mistakes, wasting time, and ending up humiliated in the public square. Show him that you know the mistakes not to make to get where he wants to go, he will want to know them at all costs.

4 / The why?

bullet point : Why having 3,000,000 followers on TikTok is not a good thing..

It’s mysterious, we say something that everyone means well and we explain why it’s crap, why it’s wrong.

5 / The “All You Need”

Bullet Point: Everything you need to set up your activity as a Googles Ads Consultant, have lots of clients, and FINALLY be able to quit your job.

What more can be said ? Literally everything the reader needs is delivered on a silver platter. In other words, he only needs this one product to succeed. No need to look further and break your head.

6 / The Personalized

Bullet Point : The counter-intuitive habit that allowed me to generate millions of euros by working 2h37 a day.

The technique that I personally use. Which has proven itself on me. Very effective if the reader wants to get where you are.

7 / The Mystery

Bullet Point : The well-kept secret by Thanos to grow excellent tomatoes without spending hours maintaining your vegetable garden.

Well, you can have fun there. Without falling into the ridiculous (perhaps like here). The contrast between gardening and Thanos is stark. We want to find out how Thanos can help us grow our tomatoes properly.

Conclusion :

Congratulations, you now know my 7 favorite bullet points. As usual, I urge you not to read passively and to practice writing now.

Stay the course!

PS: To write a good bullet point, and be sure to get it right, you need to have as much information as possible about your reader…

And to know how to make HIMSELF give you nuggets of persuasion… I dug long hours, and spent hundreds thousands of euros.

I ended up finding…

A card showing exactly how to get your prospects to offer you on a silver platter what to say word for word to get them to buy. Build a sales page that will make them beg to let them send you money. Within hours (I use it with my clients).

Click on the yellow button up there, just under the handsome guy in purple, to grab your treasure ☝

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