▷ How to increase your mailing list? 6 essential tips!

Comment augmenter votre mailing list ? 6 conseils incontournables !

The mailing list is one of the essential elements for the success of your marketing campaigns. Ideal for exchanging with your qualified contacts, this mailing list is particularly beneficial for directly reaching your target and obtaining more loyal customers. Here are some tips for growing your email list…

The mailing list, one of the main elements of an effective email marketing strategy

With 1.4 billion emails sent per day and 18.15% average opening rate in France, email remains one of the most effective approaches to boost content marketing (source: Iroquois). In fact, after social networks, it is the most commonly used B2B content distribution channel, for 87% of B2B marketers (source: Kinsta).

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Among the main elements of an effective email marketing strategy to convert your prospects into customers and increase your sales, there is the mailing list. Also called mailing list or emailing list, this directory contains all the email addresses of your contacts, carefully selected in relation to their interest in the activity in which you are involved.

Classified according to their habits, their ages, affinities and tastes, these contacts may receive various emails concerning:

  • Your promotional offers,
  • Your special offers,
  • Your online training,
  • information about your products,
  • Your services,
  • Your newsletters, etc.
How to increase your mailing list?  6 essential tips!

Why is it absolutely necessary to have a mailing list?

Used in an email marketing strategy, the mailing list is intended to stay in regular contact with your subscribers to build a relationship of trust with them. In addition to ensuring that they receive e-mails and messages in real time, your company also benefits from a guarantee of their transmission to all your recipients.

Other benefits: Not only does the mailing list increase the conversion rate with the help of many targeted messages, but it also increases the return on investment (or ROI) thanks to qualified contacts.

For better management of your mailing list, use software hosted on a server. The tools made available to you will allow you to administer the list and enforce the rules accepted by users when registering. To give you a brief overview, some features resemble those of forums: archiving and prioritization of exchanges, moderation of messages, unsubscription, registration, etc.

6 effective tips to increase your mailing list

Remember, throughout the funnel, email is the most reliable channel for nurturing and converting leads into sales. But finding qualified contacts is a tough and time-consuming task, as it is essential to be well informed about each of them. To save time, find more leads, convert them into customers and ultimately increase your sales, these email marketing techniques are essential.

Create an infographic

Compared to text-only contentan infographic is 30 times more likely to be read. So create an infographic signed with the address of your site and the name of your company to then publish it on social networks. Often taken up by the press, on blogs or on social networks, this set of images, aimed at better informing, generally contains key figures, a study or well-detailed arguments in order to encourage public engagement and reinforce industry leadership.

Use co-registration

Co-registration is a system for pooling the tasks of one or more partner sites with yours. With this system, you are sure to obtain qualified contacts, but make sure that your partner sites have points in common with your activity to obtain coherent and targeted pooling. The invoice for co-registration as a service is established according to the quality of the information transmitted and the number of addresses obtained.

Opt for co-registration:

  • Events with different partners organizing a contest and sharing contacts between various sponsors;
  • Shared whose collaboration consists of an exchange of best practices between 2 non-competing companies and without commercial investment.

To put this system in place, you can ensure that the visitor receives a request for authorization to send him additional commercial offers to his email address when he registers. This proposal can also be submitted to him when he places an order or subscribes to your newsletter. To arouse his curiosity, consider formulating a relevant and short hook. To inspire you, discover 51 email subjects that force the opening.

Rent databases

Supervised by the National Commission for Computing and Liberties or CNIL, the purchase of e-mail addresses from individuals in the form of CDs has become obsolete. From now on, with the opt-in, which consists in giving one’s agreement to receive information, it is necessary to ask the user’s permission before sending him an advertising e-mail.

Today, it is possible to contact sites of intermediaries or brokers (such as mailomane.com, emailingfrance.com,ciblexo.com) to sell or rent addresses of Internet users who have expressed their desire to receive commercial offers by e-mail. By renting a marketing database, you not only have the opportunity to get new leads, but you can also convert them into customers and retain them afterwards.

To determine the needs and expectations of your target, carefully segment the databases you choose. When you launch your email campaign, the content addressed to your contacts must relate to their areas of interest in order for it to be successful. Discounts, promotions or bonus system with gifts, find the most effective method to encourage the visitor to subscribe.

Leverage your network

All the people who subscribe to your pages on social networks are potential contacts likely to increase the volume of your mailing list. Do not hesitate to share your various newsletters through your publications.

If you don’t have a blog yet, create one to feature on your website to share your recent activities and draw your visitors’ attention to your products. With visual means, you will pique their interest by making them want to learn more and stay connected with your brand. Once you have captured their attention, use the blog as a channel to direct the visitor to your newsletter.

You can of course opt for more traditional means by organizing face-to-face meetings. Take advantage of these moments of live exchanges to write down their email addresses, making sure that they agree to receive promotional offers. Also remind them of your email address to encourage them to stay in touch with you.

To gradually increase your mailing list and at the same time increase your e-reputation, also continue to maintain good relations with your customers. And don’t forget to regularly update your list in order to keep only targeted and qualitative contacts.

Use the Google Ads ad extension

Google Ads extensions (previous visit, call, consumer reviews, links, social network, site links, etc.) allow you to optimize your ads. You can thus create tailor-made content by adding various additional information in order to obtain more relevant and targeted ads. You can add these extensions for free, but expect to pay additional fees based on the number of clicks on your ad.

To get different email addresses, opt for the so-called communication extension through which you will insert a field to be filled using Google. After reading your ad, the visitor will be able to use the feature below instead of going to your site to register. If he has a Gmail address and is already logged in, all he has to do is click on “Subscribe to the newsletter”, because the e-mail field is already filled in.

Compatible with other ad extensions and above all confidential, this type of extension is ideal for obtaining addresses via Google even if the Internet user has only opened the results page. Do you want to get ahead of your competitors even further? Customize the displayed message as much as you want by choosing between different categories:

  • Receive alerts;
  • Receive offers;
  • Subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Subscribe;
  • Receive updates.

By clicking on it, the prospect sends you his e-mail address so that you can use it later to send him various information concerning your promotions, your products, your services, etc.

Don’t neglect the Newsletter

For a successful email marketing campaign, we can never say it enough, the newsletter is essential! Besides, 83% of B2B companies use it as a content strategy (source: Le monde du mail).

Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your Newsletter in order to collect and save their e-mail addresses. Also make sure to put it forward on the home page as well as on the home page of your site. In order to arouse the curiosity of your visitors and encourage them to click, make it visible on other pages, and explain to them the reasons why they should subscribe to it. In order to simplify their task, insert the link in your arguments or ask them to specify their interests to send them only qualitative and targeted information. To avoid attacking or discouraging the reader, ask for little information, such as their name and e-mail address.

Encourage your subscriber to share your news. If he is enthusiastic and satisfied, he will naturally click on a call to action such as “Feel our new trends to your friends”. This very simple, but effective action will certainly allow you to obtain new contacts.

To increase customer loyalty with exclusive content, to promote and strengthen your brand, and why not generate buzz, your business needs a mailing list. If you want to set up more advanced strategic mailing list campaigns, do not hesitate to take a look at this certified training in web marketing.

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