▷ How to generate more visits on your blog?

Comment générer plus de visites sur son blog ?

Do you own a blog? And despite all your efforts, your community is not growing and visits are rare? This article is made for you ! We are going to reveal all our tips and tricks to generate more visits to your blog…

The use of advertising

First, the most classic way to generate visits to your blog is to use advertising. The latter can be found in search engines, on social networks, on certain targeted sites…

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The weak point of this technique is that it is quite expensive to set up, even though it is very effective. You will need to analyze the total budget that you are ready to allocate for your blog. But don’t worry, free and equally effective techniques also exist!

Social networks

Social networks are THE technique to use to make your blog known to the widest possible audience. Indeed, social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are essential at the moment, including for advertising. To do this, just add your blog link in your Instagram bio or post with each new article.

In addition, you will have to adapt to the characteristics of each social network. For example, Instagram and Twitter work largely through hashtags, so don’t forget to use some. On Facebook, you can use theme groups that you approach or even chat with other bloggers on these groups.

You will then be able to see what others are doing on their side and see what works for them. Finally, depending on the theme of your online blog, you can use LinkedIn. For example, if you publish articles related to marketing or psychology, do not hesitate to go through this social network to expand your community.

Besides, building a community is very important to increase visits to your blog. Readers in your community will then be able to share their reading around them and word of mouth will take effect.

Some sites like this allow you to buy subscribers, be aware that this technique should only be used if you know what you are doing, for example, if you only want to increase your credibility. The downside is of course that you will distort your statistics during future analyses.

Fresh content

We also advise you to vary the content on your blog. Indeed, even if your online blog is dedicated to a single particular theme, vary the lengths of your articles. According to readers, some will prefer to long articles that take time to read, while others will prefer something concise.

A perfect combination but one that requires a lot more work is toadd a video to your article, in order to retain all the profiles.

Along the same lines, add images and videos to your various publications. This advice also applies to social networks. Images will please and attract the public’s eye more than a long text. Of course, it’s not just about posting images or abusing them; everything must be done according to a certain coherence. Image and video catch the eye; your text will retain the reader.

Titles that strike

Also, be very careful when writing your titles and subtitles. The readers of your blog will first read them and then judge if the article interests them. It will have to be relevant and capture the attention in a few words.

Moreover, these few words can also be part of your SEO strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an element not to be overlooked when owning a blog. The goal of SEO is to improve your blog’s position when entering certain keywords into a search engine. When you use the right keywords, readers find you more easily and therefore you get more visits to your blog online.

And the mailing?

You can also use the email method which has already proven itself on several occasions. To do this, you just need to place a space for collecting the e-mail addresses of readers, who of course wish to receive them, on your blog.

In this way, your community will be able to subscribe to your email campaign and receive targeted emails. Be careful though not to overload them with emails too much, or you will get a flurry of unsubscribes. In your emails, you can mention a new post or a reminder of what is already published, for example.

To conclude

By increasing visits to your online blog, you will be able to expand your community and at the same time make yourself known in your field. Of course, the few tips that we have exposed to you previously are not all applicable, you will have to choose those that best suit your blog. Even if the use of social networks remains the best advice we could give you given the large number of daily users who connect to them and their ease of use for creators like you.

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