▷ How to enable and disable video subtitles on Instagram?

Comment activer et désactiver les sous-titres des vidéos sur Instagram ?

Did you know that Instagram can automatically transcribe all the videos you watch on the app? It offers auto-generated captions to make content accessible to everyone, including people who are deaf and hard of hearing. But don’t want to show auto-generated captions on Instagram videos? Follow this little guide…

Video, one of the best types of marketing content on Instagram

Before the launch of auto-generated captions on Instagram in March 2022, creators had to manually add captions to their videos. In any case, they make the platform more accessible to users belonging to deaf and hard of hearing communities, but also to those who prefer to watch videos without sound.

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Today, these subtitles are available in 17 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German and Japanese.

This new feature comes as Instagram regularly updates its platform and rolls out other tools to better compete with TikTok. It has indeed focused heavily on the development of Reels, one of TikTok’s main competitors, by releasing similar features.

Moreover, Instagram now focuses a lot on displaying all videos on its main app. The platform also continued to simplify and improve the video in addition to making a point of honor on Reels.

This feature continues to contribute to the growth of engagement on the application, hence the update or launch of many tools.

An Instagram spokesperson said on their blog:

“Video is a big part of why people love Instagram, and we love how our creative community uses it to express themselves, collaborate with others, and connect with their followers. Reels continue to be a growing and important part of Instagram and we are excited to invest even more in this format. »

Want to turn captions on and off on Instagram for iPhone and Android? Would you like to watch videos with subtitles? Or are you looking to post a video with subtitles?

Follow these very simple steps.

Like on Tiktok or YouTube, auto-generating captions on Instagram is useful for creators because it means you no longer have to transcribe your videos and then add caption overlays. To enable or disable subtitles when creating your post, here’s how:

  • First upload a video from your gallery. You can also film one on Instagram;
  • Then select “Advanced Settings” from the menu that appears before publishing your video;
  • Under “Accessibility”, activate or deactivate the option “Show subtitles”;
  • If you forget to enable subtitles before posting a video, you can always do it afterwards;
  • Tap the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of your video, then tap “Edit”;
  • Select “Remove subtitles” to disable them if you are on Android;
  • Tap “Advanced Settings,” then toggle the “Show Subtitles” option on or off if you’re on an iPhone.

If you post a video and want to remove the subtitles:

  • Tap the plus icon (three vertical dots) and then Edit;
  • Select Remove subtitles;
  • You will see a message asking if you are sure. Once you’ve removed subtitles, you can’t add them anymore;
  • To continue, tap Remove subtitles.

Adding auto-generated captions on your Instagram videos is helpful in increasing engagement and accessibility.

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