▷ Brand design must regain its place: 6 false beliefs

▷ Brand design must regain its place: 6 false beliefs

In branding and marketing, design is essential. The first impression given by the visual appearance of your brand can stay in the memory of the public for a long time and influence their perception of your company for better or for worse. But design is not limited to designing images, creating unique logos, fonts and layouts that make up your brand identity…

Design is the face your business shows to the world

We may forget it, but brand design involves many disciplines:

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  • Commercial architecture;
  • consumer branding;
  • Environmental design;
  • sound design;
  • The packaging;
  • retail design;
  • The web design…

Design can therefore play an important role, especially in the conversion of your target audience. Not only does having a great design make the buying process easier and more convenient for your customers, it provides important and impactful information about all aspects of your business.

Design, in many ways, is the face your business shows to the world. It is therefore time to correct some long-held, yet false ideas, in order to consider design at its fair value : serving the construction and performance of a brand.

Brand design must find its place: 6 false beliefs

6 design misconceptions

Pascal Viguier, Founder & CEO of the Curius agency, denounces six false beliefs in order to place brand design more at the heart of reflections and to shed light on certain confusions.

Associate the notion of product design with “design”

Design is culturally associated with product design, which is normal, because it is the very essence of design. In addition, mentalities have evolved in recent years: customers have integrated the value of brand design into the construction and performance of their brand.

Compartmentalize advertising, design and communication

A brand will be visible and attractive only thanks to advertising… Not really. Advertising, design and communication are complementary and must contribute to the same result. Everything is intertwined, because advertising is design and design is communication.

Limit yourself to a logo and a graphic charter

Although essential, it represents only 5% of the exercise on a mark. The logo is therefore not the only vector of expression of a brand: it is part of a universe.

Redo your website in isolation

To be effective, a site embeds a whole strategic reflection upstream on the brand. It is a central crossroads of exchange and communication to access information. The redesign of a site must therefore initiate a (re)founding act and be an integral part of a branding and branding project.

Confuse brand platform with advertising platform

Here again, these two concepts are complementary and inseparable. The brand is not the advertisement, but the advertisement speaks of the brand. One is designed before the other: one with a long-term aim, the other with a short-term aim.

Thinking that the brand book is a graphic charter and vice versa

To call a charter a brand book is to deny or forget what the essence of a brand is. The graphic charter is a tool for standardizing visual rules. On the other hand, the brand book is a strategic tool for visualizing the brand platform which explains the why of the signs, their meaning.

Design has become a tool for democratization, transformation, facilitation, accessibility and adaptation to uses for all audiences. Communication can therefore no longer do without it. It is therefore time, once again, to consider design at its fair value.

Source: Curius

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