▷ Ads Creative Studio by Google is now available worldwide!

Ads Creative Studio de Google est désormais disponible dans le monde entier !

After a beta release last year, Ads Creative Studio is now available globally. This new way of creating ads on Google also offers fundamental improvements to quickly find the most effective content…

Ads Creative Studioa creative management platform

According to a recent study, consumers expect and prefer relevant advertisements, with 80% of viewers being more open to advertising. In this sense, Google has announced that Ads Creative Studio will now be available worldwide.

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Ads Creative Studio is a creative management platform designed for creative teams. It can be used for:

It is thus intended to improve collaboration and transparency between the creative and media teams.

In concrete terms, the platform allows you to create hundreds of versions of the same display or video ad and thus adapt your ads to different audiences, locations, languages ​​or contexts. Just select the changes you want and provide different versions of the item according to predefined rules.

Then identify the types of elements in the ad, such as image, overlay text, or sound, modify them, and provide different versions of that element based on a set of rules you create. Rules include the audiences you want to reach or the contexts you want to match. So you provide the creative and targeting information, and Google will do the rest.

Ads Creative Studio brings together a number of creative tools, including:

  • Interactive HTML5 display ads for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360;
  • A library of elements : it allows you to store and organize the creative elements used in your campaigns, with powerful search tools;
  • DirectorMixpreviously available to a limited set of advertisers, it helps customize your creative for different audiences by creating multiple versions of a YouTube video ad.

First tests and results at PepsiCo and General Motors

Since last year, PepsiCo and General Motors South America had started testing Google’s Ads Creative Studio.

During the first tests, General Motors South America wanted to increase brand awareness of the Cruze model. The brand decided to personalize its advertising content and produce 14 unique advertisements without sacrificing its time, budget or resources. Using Ads Creative Studio, the brand cut costs by 30%. The campaign recorded:

  • A 56% increase in Google searches for “Chevrolet Cruze”;
  • A 32% reduction in cost per view compared to the industry benchmark.

On his side, PepsiCo wanted to reach the public who hosted house parties, barbecues and sporting events. Its creative team used the ad platform to personalize its ads. The results were “more transparent and efficient, and with one tool, the team was able to standardize processes across functions.” Unlike General Motors South America, PepsiCo and Google did not share any specific performance-related numbers.

It is therefore obvious that Ads Creative Studio is particularly useful for large advertisers, with more advanced production capabilities and a greater number of creative and personalized content. It can considerably simplify your work and, above all, offer you greater advertising efficiency.

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