9 techniques to convince an influencer to use your products

Each brand, whatever its sector of activity, wants to contact an influencer to make itself known and effectively reach its target. But navigating this complex world of influencer marketing can be difficult and daunting if you don’t have the right contacts or sufficient resources…

Are you out of ideas or not at all sure how to go about it?

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But before that, you need to know the power of influencer marketing, its huge potential in your marketing strategy to succeed.

Over the past two years, we have learned to be quick and to adapt to the unknown. Almost two years later, influencer marketing is stronger than ever;

  • In 2021 alone, the global number of service offerings related to influencer marketing grew by 26%. 18,900 companies offer or specialize in influencer marketing;
  • 54% of companies working with influencers operate e-commerce;
  • Zara, the most mentioned brand on Instagram, has an estimated reach of 2,074,000,000;
  • TikTok, the most downloaded app, will gain an even bigger share of the market. Contagious and addictive, this platform generates significant engagement figures, at all levels, and has pushed towards large-scale changes and imitations of other platforms, notably Instagram (with its Reels function).

Instagram is used by nearly 80% of brands who engage in influencer marketing. This social network offers new features focused on content creators and brand partnerships.

Convinced ?

Follow these 9 tips to increase your chances of an influencer using your product and optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

  1. If you don’t have six or seven figures to offer an influencer to work with you and promote your brand, be prepared to give up a percentage of the company’s equity;
  2. Pick a rising social media star or blogger and always be ready to give them gifts. If some influencers only want a few hundred dollars, others will want more. Of course, make sure that what you offer always fits your budget;
  3. Subscribe to platforms that connect brands and influencers;
  4. Make sure that the gift you send him is well supplied to increase the chances that the influencer will be interested in your products;
  5. Bet on the packaging of your product. Whichever one you send, it must match the image and personality of the “star”;
  6. If a well-known personality visits your store (physical or online), ask them to mention your store on social networks or take a photo (with you) and send it to the different platforms;
  7. Do not forget to insert a small card in your package so that the person can easily contact you;
  8. Show that you are socially involved. Reach out to those who support a cause that matches your brand’s mission and message;
  9. Finally, pay attention to your image. Avoid bombarding the agent with calls and emails a week after sending your gift. It’s a great way to… get it thrown in the trash!

While there’s no guarantee that your product will end up in the hands of an influencer when you submit it, it’s still worth it. Don’t forget that a small tweet, a photo or a post on Instagram or Facebook, for example, can already develop the notoriety and credibility of your brand and thus increase your sales.

Up to you !