▷ 7 types of essential content on social networks

7 types de contenu indispensables sur les réseaux sociaux

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and other social networks have become part of the daily lives of thousands of people. They are used to share photos, information about a special event. They are also increasingly used as a source of information, and have even replaced traditional media such as television or newspapers. To stay constantly creative every day and deliver gold content, here are 7 must-have types of social media content…

1. Video

Video is the most consumed and preferred type of content online by internet users.

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  • By the end of 2022, it could account for 82% of all online traffic.
  • More importantly, 9 out of 10 people say they want to see more brand videos.
  • On social media, video posts generate 48% more views than posts without them.

2. Live video

The ongoing digital transformation, accelerated by the health situation of 2020, is leading companies to think differently about how they can interact with their customers in real time. Live or live video has come out on top during the pandemic, and it’s here to stay. In addition to allowing conversations to be broadcast, it allows the unveiling of performances, Q&As, webinars and other virtual events. Unlike the asynchronous nature of waiting for responses to text or image posts, live videos give audiences the ability to ask questions, comment, and react instantly.

3. Stories

Stories are one of the best channels for video content on social media, but they’re also a great place to post photos, highlight important posts, and share interactive content like surveys, polls, and more.

4. Pictures

It is also the most frequently posted type of content on social media. Unlike most videos, stills can be absorbed and enjoyed in an instant. Colors, text or (the absence of text) and other details give users an immediate impression of your brand.

5. Text messages

You need to prioritize visual content, but don’t lose sight of the power of words. Written content requires the same attention and consistency that you give to other content formats and creative elements. Developing a distinct brand tone and voice that aligns with your visual brand will help your written content stand out on social media.

6. Infographics

Infographics are great for condensing complex, detailed content into an digestible social media post. If you’re dealing with a technical topic, lots of numbers and statistics, or just a high volume of information that needs to be put together in one place, infographics are the perfect content.

7. Interactive content

Interactive posts have enormous potential to increase the ROI of a social media strategy. There are many ways to be interactive on social media, but here it is all about interactive content in nature – live streams, polls, surveys, Q&As and more.


For your brand to stand out on social networks, exploit the specificities of each platform. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with your ideas with these different types of content. Over time, you will discover which ones generate the most reactions from your audience.

Try, test, feel free to experiment, because you will never know what works best until you try!

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