▷ 5 direct marketing techniques for a successful campaign

5 techniques de marketing direct pour une campagne réussie

Particularly valued by many companies, direct marketing has proven itself for several years, well before the birth of the digital age. This communication strategy is put in place to enter directly into contact with your target in order to motivate them and incite them to action. Certain techniques must be implemented to succeed…

1. Identify your target

Use tools, such as CRM to personalize your target. Throughout the customer journey, take the time to collect different information in order to better qualify them in your database:

Trainer training

  • The products he viewed;
  • The history of his purchases;
  • Typology ;
  • Their contact details, including their contacts, email addresses, surname, first name, etc. ;
  • His behavior on the web;
  • His areas of interest;
  • Its needs.

Thanks to your CRM software, you can easily complete your list as the customer makes purchases or adds a service or item to their basket. At the same time, you can obtain other important information during an exchange, in particular an appointment, an email, a phone call with the client or prospect.

From this data, segment your list of qualified contacts in order to better personalize your marketing campaigns. When you carry out direct marketing actions, all you have to do is select the profiles that best match them. By proceeding in this way, you will be more likely to reach people who are sensitive to your message and therefore to obtain feedback from them.

2. Create an effective message

This is one of the essential steps in the implementation of your direct marketing campaign, because the way you formulate the message is decisive in the reaction of the recipient who will or will not carry out the expected action.

How to capture his attention? By offering him an opportunity or making him a promise that you will keep afterwards. Present him with a service, a product or a bonus to receive after performing the requested action… And what could be more captivating than a discount or an invitation to an event, for example?

In any case, your message must be both convincing, original and relevant to promote your brand, the strengths of your company, your services and your products. If the content is convincing, the prospect or client will be naturally motivated to respond instantly to the message received to take advantage of the opportunity or the promise made. Simple but effective !

3. Choose the right communication tools

Choose the appropriate communication channel to send the right message to the right target. Among the different direct marketing tools, you have:

New communication techniques

The new communication techniques, favored by many companies, make it possible to reach the majority of their targets using the Internet as well as their mobile telephone on a daily basis.

  • Online advertisements, including display, search or affiliate, push the prospect or customer to take action;
  • Social marketing and digital marketing consist of using various digital tools to send your messages. In particular, you can use mobile applications, websites, emails, online videos, social media and mobile applications to address your target audience;
  • Mobile marketing: depending on a news item, a promotion or its geolocation, it is a question of transmitting a message to the prospect or the customer using a mobile phone on a daily basis.

Traditional tools

Certain traditional tools that have proven themselves obviously continue to be used to convince the target. And it always works!

  • The interactive kiosk allows the consumer to make his purchases and also to get information;
  • Phoning or telemarketing consists in selling a service or a product by making telephone calls;
  • boxing is a technique to send personalized ads and offers to a target’s mailbox;
  • Emailing makes it easy to contact your targets who check their emails daily on their mobile phone. This method is the least expensive among all the traditional and recent solutions.

Use marketing automation

Using marketing automation software, you can better organize and manage your direct marketing campaigns by scheduling automatic emails or text messages to be sent at the right time. This programming can be carried out by considering the profile, the behavior of the target as well as the time of the interaction.

Track and analyze results

Just as it is essential to properly prepare your direct marketing strategy, it is also essential to monitor and analyze it. You will thus be able to detect the shortcomings of the actions carried out in order to rectify and improve them. To find out more about the performance of the operations carried out, simply refer to the KPIs or performance indicators.

All the results obtained are compared to the expected results. This approach also makes it possible to know the cost of acquiring a new customer as well as the cost of retaining a customer.

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