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5 techniques de marketing direct pour une campagne réussie

Particularly valued by many companies, direct marketing has proven itself for several years, well before the birth of the digital age. This communication strategy is put in place to enter directly into contact with your target in order to motivate them and incite them to action.

Comment générer plus de visites sur son blog ?

Do you own a blog? And despite all your efforts, your community is not growing and visits are rare? This article is made for you ! We are going to reveal all our tips and tricks to generate more visits to your blog…

YouTube - Shopify : nouveau partenariat, nouvelles fonctionnalités d’achat en direct !

You got it right: YouTube has partnered with Shopify to offer all users new live shopping tools to buy products without leaving the website… A partnership that will change the opportunities for brands In its current state, shopping on YouTube is entirely doable, but not terribly convenient.

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